Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed

Don’t Get Your Wires Crossed

For Kenly, NC Johnston County and Triangle Surrounding areas electrical service, choose Deploy

As your new build transforms into a livable, workable space, consider Deploy Electric for your wiring needs. Our technicians are trained to outfit a building shell with brand new wiring and lighting.

Maybe you’re opening a Kenly, North Carolina restaurant – or perhaps your nail salon business is growing. Discuss your construction needs and expectations with Kenly, NC’s electrical professionals. Call 919-901-9523 for more information.

We offer numerous services to Kenly and surrounding areas, such as:

• Panel updates
• Transformer installations
• Lighting installations
• Switch installations

3 electrical tips for new builds

Your electrical needs will vary based on your industry. If you’re opening a jewelry store, you’ll need showcase lighting. If you’re launching a new retail location, you’ll require shopfront lighting. Always plan with your specific industry in mind.

Here are a few extra electrical tips:

• Consider charging stations for your customers’ phones
• Place outlets above desk height for convenience
• Print out a floorplan that designates your desired outlet locations

Congrats on joining the Kenly, NC business community. Deploy Electric will light the way to your new venture's success.